Eastern vs Western Bolivia

Notes from Bolivia

One one-hour plane ride took me south to salt flats. Another one-hour plane brought me west to a tropical metropolis.

After another weekend traveling within Bolivia, I am again taken back by all this country has to offer. In comparison to my home country, it is incredible how such a small nation like Bolivia can be so diverse.

I spent this past weekend in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, and it could not have been more different than La Paz.

First, I finally was able to catch my breath, thanks to the dip in altitude, and ditch the winter clothes. Although technically it was still the same season here, Santa Cruz has climate like Florida, so it was warm, sunny and humid.

Santa Cruz is located in the west of Bolivia towards Brazil and Paraguay. Being so, it has a

20182267_10211737088816799_1226734250_o At a Santa Cruz eco-park, I was able to see plenty of…

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