A Weekend in One of the Most Remote Parts of the World

Notes from Bolivia

Imagine looking out for miles and miles and only seeing frozen white crystals. Except, it’s not snow. It’s salt.

What you’re imagining would be the Salar de Uyuni, the largest salt flat in the world.
For a weekend, my group and I traversed the Salar in beat-up Land Cruisers to see all the beauty the land had to offer.

While we took unforgettable pictures in the Salar’s reflection, chased after Andean flamingoes in breathtaking lagoons, and climbed volcanic rocks for even more incredible views, there were plenty of sights that would not be postcard worthy. Such a place so rich in beauty (and salt and lithium) was not rich in much else.

Being one of the most remote places on Earth, I knew going into the trip that luxuries like Wi-Fi and cell reception were out the question, but I’d be shocked with how many other utilities my weekend would…

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