From Castellano to Paceño

Notes from Bolivia

Every language has its dialects. Every region has its slang.

Having studied castellano, Spanish from Spain, I knew there would be a lot for me to learn regarding language in Bolivia.

Gone are my days of using vosotros, cursing like it’s no big deal (because in Spain, it isn’t) and using all the weird idioms I picked up during my semester abroad. Now, I’m learning to speak like a Paceño, a person from La Paz.

Thankfully when I lapse back to using my old vocabulary, almost everyone has found my Spaniard words and phrases to be either funny or cute. Only once have I gotten myself into trouble, making the fatal mistake of using the verb coger instead of tomar. For those who aren’t familiar with why this was a problem, I’ll leave you to look it up on your own time.

However, what has really stood out to me…

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