Riding like and with the Locals in Minibuses

Notes from Bolivia

On just about every street corner in La Paz, you will see people flagging down large vans for a ride.  

They aren’t hitchhiking. They’re commuting.

Bolivian public transportation takes carpooling to a new level.

Most people get around the city using minibuses, trufis and micros. The minibuses are large vans that run on a fixed route without any fixed stops. On the windshield, drivers display the zones they will be passing through, and along the way, they pick up and drop off passengers freely. Since there are no stops, passengers simply alert the driver when they want to stop and get off. Around 12 to 15 people can fit in one van.

Trufis operate the same, except instead of vans, they are cars. Around three to seven people can share a trufi at one time.

Micros are large buses, also functioning the same way that hold up…

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